Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Sister's Wedding Advent Calendar

On January 10, 2015 my NOW brother-in-law Curt proposed to my older sister Amanda. It was a very exciting night, they had been dating for 7 years (it was about time!) So finally we could start planning the wedding of her dreams! I knew right away I wanted to do the wedding shower - off to Pinterest I went. The board just kept growing and we we're only a few days into the engagement. 

The wedding shower was on July 26, 2015 and it was going to be great. My mom and I love planning showers. The invite was a mini mason jar with a handle, shred in the bottom, a straw stuck into it and a min envelope with the guests name on it -- the mini invite inside (3 pages so it was easier to read) The shower was probably the biggest one we have ever done - I cooked and baked almost everything and the day before was strictly dedicated to food prep... Exhausting!

We made it an "a'round the clock shower" every invite had a specific time of day on it and whatever the gift they purchased, it had to do with something she might be doing at that time - it's fun it makes you get a little creative.

The menu was Oriental Chicken Salad, Veggie Cups with dip, 7-Layer Dip and Chips, Pinwheel Sandwiches, "Orange Fluff" or Orange Jell-O Salad (we put it in blue cups for her love of the Denver Broncos... only thing that didn't match) Mini Fruit Pizzas, and Buntinis from a cake shop called "Nothing Bundt Cake." We server water, sweet tea and pink lemonade - we also had a few bottles of champange and wine.

For shower fun and games... when you walked in everyone wrote down a memory on a paper doily with no names (they were read later on to her as she opened presents and she had to guess who wrote them.) We also played a few other games, "Guess the Movie" there was a picture of a wedding scene, and you had to guess the title and for extra points the characters names... Bride and Groom of course. "What's in your Cell Phone?" we looked at a few and combined a couple to make our own. And lastly "How Well Does Curt Know His Bride?" we asked the groom 20 questions and had his answers, then at the shower asked her the same and whoever guessed how many Curt got right won the game.

One thing that I was super excited about was the "Wedding Advent Calendar" I found the idea on Pinterest of course but I went ahead and made it for all 29 days (August 1 - August 29... the big day) instead of cutting off the day before the event like a Christmas Advent does.

I gave this to her as a shower gift, everyone was just as excited for her to start it as she was. Coming up with 29 different gift ideas was a bit tricky but  not too bad and in the end it was so so worth it! Everyday had a little note to go with each gift and after she opened a present she posted a picture on Facebook every night.

For now I'm just going to post a couple pictures of the shower and the infamous Advent Calendar, we'll see how this goes ;-)

Now... For those of you interested... the detailed list of the Advent Calendar

Day 1 - Broncos Pen & Chapstick - "Just a little something to get into the Broncos spirit, Boo Chiefs - GO Broncos!! Sorry Curtis!"

Day 2 - Broncos Car Decal, Cowgirl Boot Air Freshener & Mini Pink Tire Gauge - "A couple of fun things to decorate your car, and one for the 'just in case' situations."

Day 3 - Meghan Trainor CD - "She may be 'All About that Base' but she has some good points for your 'Dear Future Husband'."

Day 4 - 2 Mini Candles, LUSH Bath Bomb, & Matches - "Draw a hot bath & light some candles - take a little 'me time' & enjoy the 'bath bomb!' Maybe this will help relieve some of the 'stress'!"

Day 5 - Fifty Shades of Grey - "Ok it's officially time to catch yourself up. I know things are crazy busy, but if you haven't already drawn your bath from yesterday... here's even more reason to do so!"

Day 6 - Pill Case & Cowboy Boot Keychain - "Couple of purse items - something to keep your pills organized & Mom's 'cure-all' (Co-Advil), and something that reminded me of you."

Day 7 - Lacey Panties - "Simply because you can never have enough! (at least in my mind - lol)"

Day 8 - Custom "Mr. & Mrs." Shotglasses - "Custom made just for you two! Pour yourselves a shot - maybe 2... or 3 lol & toast to your new future!"

Day 9 - Hair Ties & Clips - Between breakage & or just flat out losing them - (I'm convinced they get up & walk away) extras of these are always good to have on hand!"

Day 10 - Colorado Mug & Cowgirl Boot Magnets - "Little décor, usefulness, & sort of a piece of home (Colorado.)"

Day 11 - Initial Tissues & Compact Mirror - "Some cute stuff for your purse for the little  touch-ups."

Day 12 - Pink Earbuds & Tape Measure - "As dad would say 'You just bought it because it was purple PINK."

Day 13 - Scrubbie Gloves & Soap Petals - "Exfoliation is good for the skin, especially before such a big day!"

Day 14 - Face Masks, Spa Headband, & Back Scratcher - "A little something to keep your complexion looking beautiful! Enjoy!"

Day 15 - Phone Case with New Name - "Now I know this isn't an Otter Box - but when I saw this I just thought it was far too perfect... I had it customized for you!"

Day 16 - Fifty Shades Darker - "The story only gets better, trust me!"

Day 17 - "Mr. & Mrs." Luggage Tags - "Kaylyn asked 'Why is there only 1 Mr.' - I reminded her 'it's because women always have more stuff'!"

Day 18 - Bride Socks - "They always think about men getting 'cold feet' - but just in case... Just kidding, it's meant to be!!!"

Day 19 - Gum - "Just so there is for sure "Minty Fresh" kisses!"

Day 20 - Nail Appointment Gift Certificate - "Oh hey, by the way - we met Kristina & she is very nice! Enjoy a manicure & pedicure on us for your Big Day!!"

Day 21 - "My Little Girl" Frame & Note From Dad -
"Dear Amanda,
Only 8 more days til we take our special walk,
you'll always be 'My Little Girl.'
I Love You,

Day 22 - Hershey's Dark Chocolate - "Time for a chocolate fix... mm mm good!!"

Day 23 - 2 Mini Candles, LUSH "Sex Bomb", & Matches - "As the Big Day gets's another set to relax with - use it now or save it for our big tub here the night before!"

Day 24 - Contact  Case & Solution - "I noticed you use 'sensitive' solution, but the mini is only available in the original solution, so maybe you can empty & refill it. Also thought you could use a new 'Pink' contact case."

Day 25 - Starbucks Gift Card - "For a little caffeine buzz. Google claims Hays America has 2 in town... but no Target... go figure."

Day 26 - Fifty Shades Freed - "Sadly this is where the story ends - I could read about 'Ana & Christian' for ages - the story gets a little suspenseful in this one! Read on!"

Day 27 - 2 Pregnancy Tests - "Hopefully after reading about the famous Christian Grey  - and your wedding night you'll be needing these real soon - lol"

Day 28 - Dr. Pepper & Mini Captain Morgan - "Tomorrow is the day you've been planning for the past 8 months - so have one of your last drinks as Ms. Amanda Kay Lockhart!"

Day 29 - Monogramed Hankie & Six Pence - " It's finally here! May your tears be only 'happy' today and as the saying goes 'don't go into the ugly cry.' Also from the year your Dad was born, here is your 'something old' a six pence from 1952 - give it to Dad to put in your shoe - (tape may be required... it's for good luck)"

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